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Recruit Review Board (RRB) for Soldier

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1 Recruit Review Board (RRB) for Soldier on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:51 pm


Recruit Review Board (RRB) Soldier

Description: A completely voluntary position for Soldier. Soldier will vote on Recruits completing Boot Camp and are ready to receive Full Colors.
Qualifications:  Served six months Active Duty.
Duties: Voting on each and every sponsored Recruit is mandatory. The RRB term is rescinded if the member misses a single vote or resigned if on an extended LOA of more than two weeks is required. The next volunteer in line may choose to take their place or wait for the next full term with no penalty, then offered to the next in the list.
Privileges: Sponsoring a recruit to a vote for Full Colors and awarded a badge for completing a full term.

I am a Member of Carnage.I am here by My own Choosing.  My only Discharge shall be through Death.

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