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Carnage Charter

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Carnage Charter


INTRODUCTION: It the purpose of this document to give each Soldier of CARNAGE a guide post as to what the uniform expectations are for every individual of the CARNAGE CLAN.

Attitude: As general rule of thumb all soldiers should project a positive, supporting, and validating frame of mind.

Etiquette: At all times be mindful of the proper respect to officer’s ,senior NCO’s and soldiers. When you enter into a room say hello and when exiting say good bye, as well as greet and wish well those entering and departing. While in all game chats keep in mind that you are a representing Carnage Clan. Un-respectful dialog will not be tolerated.

Gossip: This tears teams apart. If you have something to say about someone, be a man and say it only in their presence. It is every Soldier’s responsibility to properly report gossip to the chain of command.

Chain of Command: The chain of command should be observed at all times. The only time a jump in the chain of command is allowed is if the next person of the chain is part of the situation.

Attendance: It is expected that every Soldier of CARNAGE show up at least 4 times a week for Participation, Practice and Training. This is a group effort, be a part of the group. It is expected that every Soldier sign into the CARNAGE web site and check for any new postings before proceeding in the game.

Communication: It is expected that every Soldier while in game also be in Team Speak. An open line of communication is a vital facet of team play and essential for everyone to exchange common courtesy.

Training: It is essential for everyone to participate in clan training. Only those who participate in training will be afforded the privilege of representing the Clan during Battles.

Platoons: While participating in a platoon, like minded tanks should be used unless it is not possible. In ALL situations SOLDIERS of CARNAGE will fight side by side protecting each other and be a TEAM PLAYER. Regardless of that scenario’s other players are doing in that battle, right or wrong. WE STICK TOGETHER !

In order to qualify:

1. You must be Mature.  

As serious as we are about Carnage and our gaming,  the real world comes first in all matters of  Family, Jobs, or any other aspect of Real Life which adults accept and understand as the meaning of maturity and adulthood.  While there are always exceptions, we have found that those beyond their teenage years are statistically more ready to accept this as a Fact of Life.  If you cannot accept that, if you need that explained any further, stop reading now as this is not the guild for which you are seeking.  

Be Advised:
In very rare cases, the age requirement has been overlooked.  Those who have accomplished this have proven themselves in the field to demonstrate maturity beyond their years as well as the ability to adapt and thrive in an environment of adults that are often nearly twice their age.  Again, this is an extremely rare occurrence.  Do not expect to bypass this rule because you "think" you are mature.  The only way this is going to happen is if you are invited to check out Carnage by way of reading the Charter.  If you find yourself here without being invited, you will be held to the age requirement rule without exception.

2.  You must Read the Charter in Full.   Take your time to give it a thorough, honest reading.  It defines Carnage in both spirit and operational methodology.  What you are reading within this document is precisely who and what we are, what we have to be in order to honor the legacy of Carnage.  If after reading it you should then decide that you subscribe to its philosophies, believe you can and are willing to adhere to our Way, you are clear to proceed in the application process.  Failure to read the Charter, to understand the Charter, to agree to the Charter, will become apparent very early on, resulting in non-compatibility between the applicant and Carnage.  Ultimately, this will result your dismissal.

3.  Once you are ready to begin the process, register here on the forums using your in-game  main character name and an active email address which you use on a regular (preferably daily) basis.  Your email address will not be posted publicly nor used for any other purpose other than communication with Carnage.  

While we will not dictate what your name should be, we can dictate what it cannot be for consideration for membership.    We encourage everyone to create a name for yourself that means something to you personally.   This way the name you want will go down in the Annals as somebody worth remembering.   If you absolutely feel the need to name yourself ##$FEELALOIT or IDRINKPOO, you probably won't fit in.

Once completed, you must begin your journey with Carnage by becoming an active member of our forum community through participation in the Commons.  There will you find any number of posts which reflect the common interests of Carnage, ranging from video games, to politics, to social observations, Boobs, etc.  While responding to the existing threads is a good start, it does not give adequate insight as to who you are as a person.  In order to further our understanding of each other, you will need to create your own posts, sharing your own interests.  

Establishing your presence in The Commons is the first necessary step to demonstrate your ability and willingness to proceed.  Each potential applicant is required to spend an undetermined period of time reading and posting throughout The Commons.  This may be a week or several weeks, depending on your level of activity and commitment to entrenching yourself within our community.  This will allow you the time required to make an informed decision about your gaming future by allowing yourself and Carnage the opportunity to interact with one another.  

As your real life, private information is yours and yours alone, you may wish to divulge whatever else you choose, at Your discretion.  We strongly advise that you do not share any personal information about yourself or your family that can be used by data miners and/or anyone whom you may know in the real world which may seek to do you any harm.

4.   If/When we deem that you are ready to proceed, your membergroup on the forums will be elevated to "Applicant".   Once this occurs, you will be able to complete the formal Carnage application. Read the entire form before filling it out and hitting the save button.  As a general rule anywhere in life, never sign Anything until you have read it in full.  It is imperative you understand that to which you are agreeing.

5.  If/When you complete Carnage Application correctly, your membergroup will be elevated to "Applicant 2", granting you access to Recruit Forums.  Ten Questions has been designed over many years to provide Carnage with insight into not only what type of person you are, but what type of gamer as well.   Answer each question with full honesty in as much detail as you are willing and able.  The purpose of our rigorous application process is to ensure that you will be a match for Carnage.  It behooves both parties when Carnage is likewise a match for you.   If you are dishonest with us, you are first and foremost being dishonest with yourself.  There are no "right" and "wrong" answers per se,  in the sense we are going to judge you personally or morally.   Again, these questions are designed to determine your play style and whether or not they serve the good of Carnage.  

After you have submitted your responses, they will be automatically posted to our member forums for a panel of Canage's Recruiters to review and vote upon.   This method is our Tradition.  It ensures that one or two people are not making the sole decision on whom with the rest of Carnage should be playing.   While we are not a democracy, consensus must be reached at some level in a gaming organization as to which members are allowed in and to remain.  

If you are voted for approval to continue, you will again receive a Private Message here on the forums with instructions on how to continue, detailed in the next step below.    As with each step in the process, you are to reference the APPLICANT PROCESSING STATUS REPORT for updates.  

If it does not work out for whatever reason:  You will first receive an email of denial and your forum account will be deleted.   There will be no further contact on behalf of Carnage.   We strongly advise that you accept any rejections like an adult and move on without further incident.  

6. Agree to and understand the Purpose of Recruit Phase: A probationary period is required in order to offer both applicant and Veterans the opportunity to learn one another without undue expectations.  While there is no set time for this phase, those who have read the Charter and understand the philosophies behind it, will find themselves awarded their Colors in good time. If you find that you do not enjoy Carnage way of life, simply take your leave by way of a PM to any Officer in order to document the Roster, no questions asked, no drama to endure on either end.  

7. Agree to make CARNAGE your exclusive guild in the Game and Server selected for CARNAGE Deployment.  We do not allow part time participants to join our ranks.   While we cannot dictate what you do with your account, Carnage can, will, does dictate which type of gamer fits the profile for unit cohesion.  

The Oath

I am a Member of Carnage.

I am here by My own Choosing.  My only Discharge shall be through Death.

I will keep my weapons honed and apply my skills in service of my Carnage brothers.

The Officers, members and Charter are my Guides, both in letter and spirit.

I will follow the Chain of Command and My Orders, taking no actions that violate My Oath or any WAR into which Carnage has entered.

No Excuses.

I am a Member a Brother of Carnage.
We raise up from the Flames and walk on the ashes of our enemies.


Understand first and foremost that Recruitment at any stage in the process should not be taken personally.   There have been many people whom have applied which we found to be quite affable.  Even so, through the course of our recruiting process, they have either admitted to or found to be willing participants in activities which equate to unacceptable gaming practices for Carnage.  Sometimes these are simple differences in social behavior while other times they were blatantly exploiting game mechanics, placing the hard work of every single member of Carnage at risk for loss of time that we have put in the game as a team.

Each and Every single Recruit and Soldier has been through this process in one form or another.  We pride ourselves for our long standing traditions of excellence which far exceed that found within the average gaming guild, such as many of you may have come to know them.  We are a Gaming Organization comprised of Dedicated Gamers, as tight knit as a Military brotherhood.  It takes work and dedication from every single member on deck to make it work.  We get there, one way or the other.

We make no secret nor qualms that ours is a time consuming process.   It begins with your willing participation on the forums, but it does not end there.  To endure this process is to show that you are serious about your gaming and desire to have fun in a way that rewards your hard work with equal dedication from your fellow members.

If/When you complete the Carnage Application correctly, you will be asked Ten Questions or more. These Questions have been designed to provide Carnage with insight into not only what type of person you are, but what type of gamer as well.   Answer each question with full honesty in as much detail as you are willing and able.  The purpose of our rigorous application process is to ensure that you will be a match for Carnage.  It behooves both parties when Carnage is likewise a match for you.   If you are dishonest with us, you are first and foremost being dishonest with yourself.  There are no "right" and "wrong" answers  in the sense we are going to judge you personally or morally.   Again, these questions are designed to determine your play style and whether or not they serve the good of Carnage.

Carnage Charter Path-to-Brother_zpse29bmsns

Recruit Path to Soldier

At this stage, you will have successfully completed your RDI and have a fundamental understanding of how Carnage operates.  You will know where and how to find the information required by all members to perform as required by the Charter and all basic Standard Operating Procedures.

The first step reading and comprehension of all Standing, Combat, Logistics, and Operational Orders.  These Orders are your guide to daily life in Carnage as well as your insight into short, mid, and long term goals.  They will not detail every single aspect of Carnage's plans at any given time.   Much of the information compiled of, by, and for the greater goals of the Company are disseminated on a "Need To Know" basis.

Regardless of what or how much you know about our game of deployment, understand that CARNAGE operates in our own way, with our own tactics, learned by our own experiences.   While we will always take in as much information created on the outside as well as what comes to us through new members, we do not make it part of our official program until it has been field tested and approved by the Captain.  

You will have six weeks to undergo Carnage training through to completion.  If real life interferes with your training schedule, we will make allowances on an individual basis. Real life comes first, always.   This does not mean, however, that you will be given a pass if you are unable to commit the full scope of time required to be a CARNAGE member.   At any time during your Recruit Phase you find that your real life obligations become too great to continue on, you simply need to notify an Officer and take your leave of Carnage.  You will not be looked down upon or treated in any other negative way.   We will consider your re-acceptance when and if your real life obligations have been reconciled with your game time.

Once you have proven yourself through your Recruit Phase, you will then be measured in totality by the Carnage Veterans for all aspects of your training, both in terms of Carnage Training and Game Deployment Training.   You will be voted upon by Carnage Soldiers. Officers will give a final approval and acceptance into the rank of Soldier of Carnage.   There is no set time for Recruit Training.   Some will take longer to complete the program than others.  Others still will not complete it all.

Recruit Review Board (RRB) Soldier

Description: A completely voluntary position for Soldier. Officers and Soldiers will vote on Recruits completing Soldier Interview and are ready to receive Full Colors.
Qualifications:  Served six months Active Duty.
Duties: Voting on each and every sponsored Recruit is mandatory. The RRB term is rescinded if the member misses a single vote or resigned if on an extended LOA of more than two weeks is required. The next volunteer in line may choose to take their place or wait for the next full term with no penalty, then offered to the next in the list.
Privileges: Sponsoring a recruit to a vote for Full Colors and awarded a badge for completing a full term.

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I am a Member of Carnage.I am here by My own Choosing.  My only Discharge shall be through Death.

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